Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aries Spears

Impressions LL, DMX, Snoop & JayZ

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chix Fighting

The HS playground, is an organic ring of terror for passion flames...roll em.

FInally, MIchigan Fires Amaker

Time to win in Ann Arbor. The FAB 5 are the greatest sports revolutionaries, of all time..Cuban Please, let's hear from C. Webber about the good ol Fab 5 days..Roll Em

LSU : Coach Sex @ Pervert U

Parents Beware: LSU 's Pokey Chatman the Women's basketball coach is a pervert. LSU officials knew she had sex with her own players and allowed her to continue coaching. She quit last week. Why do women get a pass, when they get caught being perverts?

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Can't beat North Carolina? Punch'em. Coach K, you lost street cred defending Hednderson. Yet, stand by your man..jeeez he took a good punch!

Anna Nicole Smith RIP:... Oh butt NICOLE AUSTIN AKA Co Co

Hey John Amechie..Do you believe in God? Young man, here is one of God's finest creations CO CO, the wife of ICE T. The Straight Man's STARTER KIT ...CIGAR please...and a Co Cola...ROLL VIDEO..ASSCTION!



Monday, December 04, 2006

Fox Delivered Florida...AGAIN!

"I wonder how much influence FOX TV had on the choice of FLA over UM (calls, handshake deals, etc). FOX is the TV rights-holder for four of the five BCS bowls, and have some $320 million invested.

Moreover, I get the impression that Fox made a deal to get the BCS without it being opened up for competitive bidding. That occurred recently also in one of the big contracts for NFL games. And The Senate Judiciary committee is investigating it for possible violation of anti-trust laws.

Different people may have different opinions on what consistutes corruption in college football. But if the rights of certain parties, and the welfare of student athletes, are being trampeled, the only way we will ever get to the bottom of the corruption may be to use our elected officials in congressional committees.

Some leaders in CFB need to get together and formulate a strategy about what to do."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Victoria's Secret: ESPN is a Leach

Victoria's XMAS Show...
ESPN/ABC is the host of the Rose Bowl. ND is never on ABC/ESPN because they are in a n exclusive contract with ESPN Radio (Cowherd, Patrick), ESPN TV analyst during and before the USC game (Musberger, Herbstreit and Davey) all "hate the REMATCH for Michigan, & how it would be so bad for fans and would make the regular season game moot. But, soon as USC crushed ND, all 3 blared out it would be GREAT & it would be AWESOME for college football to have a Michigan vs. ND rematch, although Michigan Crushed ND 45-21, earlier this year. Mind you, Herbstreit played at Ohio State, & Davey got fired as coach at Notre Dame. ND is a leach on the Big Ten's arse. They play nobody, and want all the bowl money without being in a conference...Stanford, Army, Navy, Air Force & N. Carolina & that somehow gives them a right to play in the rose Bowl..Please.

USC & Ohio State: Cheaters & Best

Reggie Bush Highlights: HIGH SCHOOL
Bush Took Money, broke NCAA rules, & USC is Still in the BCS Championship see Yahoo
Ohio State paid Maurice Clarett, broke NCAA violations and OSU still kept their 2002
Championship. Alabama got nearly the death penalty for the same violations. Notice, how ABC/ESPN NEVER talk about Bush or Clarett. The Busch Clarett Series is the BCS.